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A good first time

Yesterday, I'd been on a hike to an abandoned village somewhere outside the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. With the Sun blocked by the clouds, and a cool gentle breeze throughout, the weather couldn't have been any better for the hike.

Once we had reached the abandoned village and were taking in the views and catching a bit of rest, one of the people I was with, who was a veteran when it comes to hiking in the UAE, told me that I was lucky to have chosen a day when the weather was so conducive. When the weather is sunny and a little more humid, we would all have been drenched and sweaty by the time we had gone up there and he was telling me how the first time that happened to him, some of the people with him swore never to go on a hike again.

Of course, I had been on hikes in other countries before and wouldn't have reacted that way even if the weather had been different yesterday. But, I saw his point.

The first time we do something is quite important.

If we end up facing all of the possible difficulties on our very first time attempting something, it is unlikely that we will enjoy the occasion and come back for more.

It is important to ease into the total experience, a little bit at a time and not overwhelm ourselves.

When you are attempting something new, pick a simple way to start off and gradually increase the difficulty level.

This is applicable for everything from trying out a new workout routine or a new sport to learning a new language. 

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