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Channeling the pain - 2

Yesterday, I wrote about channeling the pain to improve ourselves. And today, I was listening to the HBR podcast where James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, was being interviewed.

While talking about building good habits and avoiding bad habits, he said "Good habits have a cost in the present and a pay off in the future while bad habits have a pay off in the present and a cost in the future."

When we work out at the gym, or avoid sugary foods / junk food, or when we sit down and put our brains to work to create something everyday, we are incurring a cost in the present. But it has a pay off in the future in terms of better health and better skills.

However, binging on junk food or Netflix or social media has a pay off in the present, but a cost in the future in terms of health and a lack of skills.

So, this is a new dimension of looking at how to channel the pain and build good habits.

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