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Find people who've done it before

The best thing about going to a top university...
The best thing about working at a great company...
The best thing about living in a startup ecosystem like that of Silicon Valley...
The best thing about having mentors...
The best thing about surrounding ourselves with people who are better than us... that it makes it a lot easier to find people who've done it before.

Whenever we are stuck, or are struggling to figure out how to move forward, how to get better or how to get something done, then the best thing to do is to seek out someone who has done it before and ask them for help.

When improving your own personal life or when trying to improve the products you are working on, looking to others and looking to competitors as well as other products that you've come across helps you understand what someone who has overcome the problem you are facing has done before.

And that's how you learn.

Unless you are doing cutting edge research, you always have someone that has done it before. Make sure to seek them out and learn from them.

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