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Perhaps the most important skill that we can learn is that of storytelling.

Thousands of years ago, we evolved to create and recognise fiction (stories) as a way to establish trust with others of our species that we had never met before, and we continue to do that even today.

Today, we influence other people through our storytelling, and not just by logic or by stating facts. And not just the Instagram influencers doing their work through Instagram Stories, but all of us through the stories we tell those around us.

But, even more important are the stories we tell ourselves. Just like we tell stories to convince others and spread our ideas, we tell ourselves stories that shape our behaviour.

We tell ourselves stories about what kind of people we are, what we appreciate, what people like us do, what is important to us and so on.

If you don't like any of the actions you are doing, or if you aren't excited about something, maybe you should ask yourself what story you are telling yourself.

And then start telling a new story.

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