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What's your narrative?

A politician contesting an election has a narrative. She is either anti-establishment, or anti-big company, pro-youth, pro-entrepreneurship, or some mix of those and other things. But she has a narrative.

An employee seeking a promotion has a narrative. She is either the most experienced at her role, or the most credentialed or has delivered the most impact in recent times.

A blogger publishing regularly has a narrative. She is either writing about her personal experiences and observations, or writing about what she researches, or answers questions that others are asking her.

No matter who you are or what it is that you're doing, you have your own narrative. Sometimes, you're aware of it and sometimes, you aren't. But you always have one.

What helps you achieve goals is to firstly, be aware of our own narrative and to craft it and design it the way we want it. And then, to be consistent with that narrative.

If your narrative is that you blog everyday, then you had better publish a post every single day. No exceptions.

The moment you deviate from your narrative is when you raise doubt. Not just in the eyes of the beholder, but in your own eyes. And coming from someone who's had to deal with a lot of self doubt, you can trust me when I say it isn't a great formula for success.

Become aware of your narrative, craft your narrative and stay true to your narrative.

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