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I read exactly fifty books last year. Some were thought provoking and challenged me to think in new ways. Others were very informative and introduced me to new concepts that I had never come across or considered before. And most of them were quite enjoyable to read. (You can see the full list along with my reviews on my Goodreads).

But the one I enjoyed the most was perhaps, "Surely You're joking Mr Feynman!".

It was an auto biographical account like none other I've come across before. Full of interesting science, perspectives on the world, practical optimism and a truck load of whimsy.

While it was hilarious reading about Feynman's whimsical pranks and mischievous pursuits, it is only upon reflection that I sense why such whimsy complemented such incredible scientific work that won him the Nobel.

A lot of us are involved in pursuing complex work that takes a lot of focus and mental energy to get right. Navigating the world of social expectations comes with it's own level of complexity.

It's all a lot of serious stuff.

Injecting a little bit of whimsy in our lives and sprinkling it about our days in a liberal manner goes a long way to break the tension and to lighten our moods.

Watching comedy is one thing. But practicing whimsical behaviour and engaging in little pranks can have an effect that is orders of magnitude higher than passive consumption.

Sugar, spice and everything nice.

Add a little whimsy. 

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