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Stalling on decisions

We tend to stall on making big decisions. Especially the important ones that are harder to make. And this puts us in a place where we don't move forward.

The top leaders are known for being decisive and taking action.

The only reason to stall on a decision should be a lack of information.

If enough information is not available to make a decision, then it is acceptable to stall on making it. However, the focus should then be on acquiring the missing information so that the decision can be made.

There may be cases where the information is very hard or time consuming to obtain. In which case, it needs to be traded off against the value that information brings in making that decision. If it is worth the time and effort, then go after it. Otherwise, make the decision with the information at hand.

Stalling on making a decision for any other reason is simply a sign of our inability to take responsibility for the consequences of the decisions we make.

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