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The Weekly checkpoint

If you work at a company, it is likely that you have a 1:1 meeting with your manager once in a week. This serves as a weekly checkpoint for the manager to understand how her employees are doing, what's bothering them, what's keeping them excited, etc. These meetings act as a window into the lives and feelings of the subordinates, which can be super helpful to address concerns, and also to get a deeper look at what drives them as people.

The idea of a weekly checkpoint is something I've been a big proponent of even outside the context of a manager-employee.

I spend some time at the end of each week taking stock of what went well in the past week, what my major concerns were and to take a pulse of whether my weekly routine is keeping me excited and identify any aspects that may be frustrating.

Product teams have the concept of sprint retrospectives which are more focused versions of a weekly checkpoint with a very specific agenda (as opposed to 1:1s).

Irrespective of how you do it, it helps to have a weekly checkpoint for yourself (either doing it by yourself or with a manager or even a peer) to take pulse of how you're doing in the context of what you ought to be doing.

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