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Good FOMO, bad FOMO

FOMO. Fear of missing out.

Missing out on what, though?

We can have a fear of missing out on what everyone else is doing, what's trending right now, what's that new thing that's going viral right now, what's the latest gossip, etc. And this fear of missing out drives us to go on social media every few minutes, to check our phone for notifications every few minutes, to check our email every few minutes. 

This is the bad FOMO.

We can also have a fear of missing out on what we could be doing with our own time. By doing all of the things that the bad FOMO gets us up to, what are the things that we don't end up doing? We could be learning a new skill, or amplify our existing skills, or create real connections with people we care about, or create real experiences that we will cherish when we look back on it years later.

This is the good FOMO.

FOMO is not inherently bad. It is what we fear on missing out that can be good or bad.

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