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Nearly everyone I know has, by now, shown surprise at the fact that I do not have a Kindle and has consequently urged me to buy one.

I've always enjoyed not just reading books, but also collecting them. In every place I've lived, I've had a shelf of books that I've read (and am yet to read). And I've enjoyed going to the book store once a month to browse through the books available and to pick up a few to read over the coming weeks.

However, in the past few months, I've struggled to get hold of physical copies of books that I've wanted to read. Even with wait times of two to three weeks, I haven't always been able to get some of the books I've wanted.

But the option to get the 'Kindle Edition' has always been one click away.

So, I finally gave in today and ordered the Kindle Oasis.

I'll now move to reading the books first and then ordering a physical copy if it turns out to be a book I want to keep in the house. 

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