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Podcasts in the time of Covid

Until a month ago, I used to step out of the house regularly - primarily to go to work and to the gym. Every morning at the gym, I would put on a podcast to listen to while I worked out. My commute to work is under five minutes, however, I know many others that have longer commute times who end up listening to podcasts in their cars as they drive to work and back.

Since the lockdown started and I haven't been stepping out of the house, my time spent listening to podcasts has come down drastically.

And when I looked at the graph above, it appears to be the case with a lot of people.

While at home, people have a preference to watch video content over listening to audio content. And I've been living that preference first hand. Although, in my case, it has been a preference to read than to listen.

This means that in the current scenario, podcasts have to compete head on with video content as they are now competing for the same piece of our time in the same environment.

I'm sure that I will go back to listening to podcasts the moment I step out of the house again. But I'm not so sure I will listen to them when I'm in lockdown.

How has your podcast listening been affected?

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