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The one thing

We often come across good advice. In fact, the Internet is so full of good advice that we have to be living in a cave to not come across good advice.

However, the good advice is not tailored to us. They are written in a more generic way that is applicable to a wider audience. Because that is how articles become popular, podcasts go viral, books become bestsellers and ideas spread. The more tailored it is to any one individual the less of an audience it will reach.

Which means that the good advice we come across has multiple aspects to it that we need to tailor to ourselves.

And this is where a lot of us stumble.

In AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions), the authors of ideas generally get asked by curious readers what is the one thing they would recommend given the reader's situation. The idea being that the readers get the advice and agree with what is being said, but it's a big change from the place that they are in and they can't drop everything and undertake a complete overhaul and instead need a single thing that they can focus on, change that, get it right and then ask again what's that one thing they should be focusing on now.

In this way, they will eventually get to the end state that the original piece of advice described.

Not asking yourself what that one thing you should be doing now to act on any good advice means that the advice is simple entering in one year and then exiting through the other.

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