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Is it big enough?

Don't try to pick up the change when there are $100 bills lying all around.

For organizations, as well as for ourselves, asking the question "Is it big enough?" about a project or an idea that we are thinking about pursuing is a good way to decide whether it is something that we should be investing our time in.

Great ideas are a plenty! But not all of them are equally big in what they can unlock.

Being big need not be just about the money.

For instance, I've been helping people prep and practice for Product Management interviews at tech companies. I end up spending two to three hours a month on this. If I ask myself if this is big enough from a monetary perspective, it isn't and I shouldn't be doing it. However, if I ask myself if this is big enough from what I can give back to the community, from the connections I can make in the community, etc, then it certainly counts as being big enough.

But if an idea doesn't rank big enough on any of the aspects I care about, then it isn't worth doing. 

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