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Processes are seasonal

Over the years, I have had many systems and processes to shape my daily behaviours. 

These are especially helpful in establishing new habits. But once the habits are established, they start to look like an overhead. And I dial down the processes and look to establish new habits. In doing so, I intend to continue the habits that I've just established without having to pay close attention to it. 

However, over time, as other habits come in, scenarios change, etc, some of these habits begin to deteriorate and I start to lose them. 

If I don't end up realising this, I'll fall back to square one. 

But if I do realise what's happening, then I can bring back some of the old processes to strengthen the habits again. 

This way, my processes have a seasonality to them. 

This seasonality ensures that my overall productivity and output keeps moving in the right direction and I don't end up back on square one from that perspective. 

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