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Take a break

I subscribe to a lot of blogs and newsletters. These are all people (or organizations) whose ideas I find interesting and hence have volunteered to have their latest posts come straight to my inbox. 

This has been a great way to read interesting articles. 

However, I've noticed that the writings of some authors becomes stale after a while. The ideas they tend to write about seem to saturate and there isn't as much new or interesting that I gather from reading their articles further. 

Up to a point. 

After a while, even these authors graduate from these topics and start writing about newer topics and ideas. 

However, during this phase, I don't want to receive updates on my inbox. In order to stop them, my only recourse is to unsubscribe from their mailing list. 

However, I don't want to unsubscribe permanently. 

What I want to do is take a break. 

I want to come back to reading them once they have graduated to new ideas. But this process of coming back involves manually keeping track, which is something I don't want to do. As a result, I end up losing them altogether and will have to rely on rediscovering them serendipitously after they've graduated to new ideas. 

Mailing software like Mailchimp would do well to add a feature that allows subscribers like me to take a break from a subscription rather than fully unsubscribe. 

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