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Understanding your intuition

We've all had that intuitive feeling that something is off, that we shouldn't go down the path that we've planned and consciously decided to go down. Or that intuitive feeling that tells us the person we just bumped into isn't trust-worthy, or to watch out for the fine print in a situation that we find ourselves in. 

The intuition is simply a culmination of past experiences (our own as well as ones we've experienced second-hand) into a quick and helpful reaction that guides us in the immediate moment. 

This has been a very useful survival skill that has helped our species survive over thousands of years. 

But we often don't understand why we have certain intuitive feelings. We're unable to explain the reasoning behind it, but just that we have it. 

When we have such a feeling is the perfect time to step back and reason through why we might be having such an intuitive feeling. 

Understanding our intuition is a great way to discover our own biases and values, to discover what we really appreciate and what we don't. For instance, we might think we really enjoy doing a certain thing, but the moment we have to make a decision to actually do it, we hesitate. This is our intuition telling us we probably don't enjoy doing the thing as much as we think we do. Or that there is a different reason altogether for why we're feeling that way. 

Exploring these reasons is an exciting task as it helps us understand ourselves better.

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