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Good ideas

Good ideas are all around. Especially when there are millions of others doing what you're doing (but in their own ways). For instance, each company have their own flavours of planning and execution that works for them. Each individual has their own routines that work for them.

We're all trying to improve all the time, and we look at those around us that we can learn from. And when we do, we find a lot of good ideas. 

We often take these at face value and incorporate them. 

But I've been pushing myself to identify the cause of why something will lead to a good outcome, and whether that cause will work the same way for the environment that I'm in. 

Often, when looked at this way, what seems to be a good idea to someone else doesn't seem to be the case for me. 

But, even if such good ideas aren't directly replicable by me, this thought process results in other ideas being identified that turn out to be good for me. 

This form of customization happens with everyone and that is how we have ended up with so many different variations of any kind of a habit or practice. Each one who adopts something, customizes it for their own benefit.

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