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If you only had two hours on the Internet each day, what would you do with it? For comparison, I use over twelve hours of Internet each day for everything from connecting with friends, listening to podcasts, doing my work, etc. 

If you only had one hour a day with your phone, what would you do in that time? 

If you could only watch Netflix for two hours a week, what would you watch?

If you only had five minutes a day on Instagram / Facebook, who would you follow / friend?

If you only had ten minutes a day on WhatsApp, what groups would you be on?

If you only had thirty minutes a day on email, which emails would you respond to?

We probably have even less than these hypothetical limits if we want to master something, if we want to create something that adds value to the world, if we want to keep getting better at the things we care about. 

But, it doesn't seem that way because we don't realise the progress we fail to make on a daily basis. 

It all adds up though. Over weeks, months and years.

Our time is certainly scarce.

We just need to start acting like it.

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