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The tipping point

There is criticism about the Indian education system pushing a lot of kids towards studying Medicine and Engineering while alternate streams, let alone other career streams that are non-academic oriented, are not just not encouraged, but are actively discouraged. 

But this dilemma of whether to not pay attention to Science and Math in order to pursue a career in music or photography isn't just seen in kids. It exists all through our lives. 

Should we quit our jobs to focus on the startup full time? Or on the side hustle? Or on becoming an author? Or on becoming an artist?

The popular advice seems to be to follow your passion and to do what makes you the most happy, while the popular action seems to be to forget about other dreams and learn to live with the safe option. 

But the winning strategy, as it always is, is something in the middle. 

Which is to follow the passion, but not at the expense of the safe option. 

However, the goal in doing so is to take the passion activity to a tipping point where it becomes the safe option into the future. 

That is, it isn't a great idea for someone who has never written a book to quit their job to pursue a career as a writer. However, for someone who has already sold a few thousand copies of their work or have proven their ability in a different way can make that leap.

Yes, we need to make the leap. But doing it too early will leave us falling flat on our faces. 

So, take small steps, get better and once you are at the tipping point, make the leap.

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