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We, as a species, are where we are today because of our incredible ability to keep building ourselves better and better tools to let us do infinitely more than our physical bodies alone can manage.

We started by building tools to hunt, gather, store, protect us from the elements and defend ourselves from predators. Once we reached a level where these actions were taken for granted, we moved onto building tools for the mind like stone tablets and papyrus scrolls for extending our memory. 

And we've never looked back. That's how we've ended up with refrigerators, dish washers, smartphones and airplanes. And that's how we'll have all the technological marvels that are yet to be created.

All tools are simply enhancing what we can do physically and mentally, at an individual level, at a collective level, and at a holistic species level. 

We created the first tool (and every tool after that) by looking around us to see what's out there that we can utilise to our advantage, to enhance our abilities. Some, we created by accident, and a lot more, we created with deliberate intent.

We have created all these tools that we have to enhance our abilities, to be able to do so much more than what we could do without them.

The question to ask ourselves is, are we really doing it? And if not, what's stopping us?

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