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Doubling down

Doubling down is increasing our commitment and efforts in seeing through a plan or a strategy. 

We double down when we realise that our current efforts aren't yielding the kind of results they hoped we would, and or when we feel we feel the need to increase the intensity or speed with which we are moving in the direction that we are moving in.

However, doubling down doesn't do us much good when the plan or the strategy itself isn't suited to achieve the outcomes we desire. And when we're already heading down a path that we can see isn't leading to where we set out to go.

The alternative is to course correct. To change direction. To re-evaluate our situation, strategy and plan. To define a new plan.

When we look at the costs that have already gone into getting us where we are, we tend to want to justify those costs and hence double down. 

But doubling down means more costs. More effort. More time. All in pursuit of something that we have already identified isn't where we want to go.

At the same time, course correction is uncertain. It is scary. And is not guaranteed to lead us where we want to go either.

But it carries with it hope.

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