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I have worked for purpose-driven companies and I have known (and continue to) purpose-driven people. 

And there are several lessons to learn from someone who is purpose-driven (person or company).

Leadership - If you aspire to lead someone, a family, a team, a tribe, an organization, a common purpose that you embody and evangelise will act as a rallying point. Without it, there is no centre and the tribe quickly dissipates. 

Prioritisation - You fill find it very easy to say no to seemingly good opportunities. Either something aligns with your purpose or it doesn't. And if it doesn't, you say 'No, thank you' and march on, conserving your time and energy for the things that matter.

Motivation - When things aren't going great, and there will invariably be such times (it doesn't need any reminding this year), the purpose acts as a source of internal motivation. External rewards and recognition are fleeting. But an internal purpose is permanent.

Strength - We tend to procrastinate on difficult decisions in the hope that it will be easier if we make them down the road. But making difficult decisions from a place of purpose means we have the strength to make calls that are tough but necessary. 

Satisfaction - Looking back, we evaluate where we stand based on the life we have lived and how that has furthered our purpose and not in terms of the accolades and possessions we have picked up (or failed to pick up).

Purpose need not be something fancy. It can be as simple as wanting to do the best for your family. 

I constantly look to such purpose-driven people (and companies) around me for inspiration. 

(Hat-tip to Mudassir and Magnus who recently shared their thoughts on building a purpose-driven organization at a Careem alumni event)

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