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Where's your bad writing?

Recently, on a podcast episode, Tim Ferris, while interviewing Seth Godin, asked him for advice on how to overcome writer's block and publish more articles (not necessarily in these words, but I paraphrase). 

And Seth's immediate response was to ask Tim, "Where's your bad writing?"

The implication being that if you're hesitant to write because you're afraid that what you produce won't live up to your own expectations (a.k.a. bad work), then you're unlikely to write much at all. 

Unless you're willing to turn up and do the work, you can continue to hide behind "What if it's not good enough?" and "I'm not ready yet". 

We get good only by doing. We discover where we need to improve only by doing. We identify where we need help only by doing. 

After all, it's practice that makes perfect.

If you're a long time reader of the blog, you know that I love ideas that I can generalise. 

And needless to say, Seth's advice isn't just about writing.

It can be about getting a promotion, getting a new job, creating new art, building a new relationship. And much more. 

If you're unable to get something that you want or do something that you want to, ask yourself where's your effort, where's your attempts that don't meet your expectations. 

And build from there.

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