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Product Stories #3: Employee Engagement while working remotely with Abhinav Chugh

One of the defining factors for high performing teams is how engaged the team members are. A highly engaged team is more than half the way to being a highly productive team. 

Despite carrying such importance, there is still no one size fits all approach to building a high level of engagement among team members and employees. 

And this is not a one time exercise either. It is an on-going one where companies need to continue to engage their employees and keep them motivated and caring about the vision and purpose. 

Doing this is that much harder when teams are fully remote and when, as we are doing in the current scenario, we hire employees to start remotely, ensuring they maintain their levels of engagement is extremely important.

The guest for this episode is Abhinav Chugh, who is the CEO of Peoplebox. Peoplebox is the third most essential tool for remote teams, as he describes it, after Zoom and Slack. In this episode, we talk about engaged and high performing teams.

Some of the topics we cover in the conversation are:

  • Connecting with teammates when working remotely
  • Having visibility over company goals and other important milestones and processes at a company while working remotely
  • The importance of having a best friend at work
  • The importance of regular 1:1s with your manager
  • Gaining a pulse of employee engagement
  • Closing the loop on feedback provided by employees and on action items from 1:1s
  • How to get the most value from 1:1s
  • Drawing insights from employee feedback and acting on it to improve as teams
  • Employee engagement in the era of long-term remote work
  • Employee NPS
PS: Peoplebox is hiring for Engineering and Sales roles. If you're interested, you can write to

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