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When we touch a very hot object, we immediately withdraw our hand from it. We don't think about it. We do it involuntarily and unconsciously. 

This is a reflex action.

We have such reflex actions for many situations. When we feel we are wronged, when we feel we are cornered, when we are up against a challenge, etc. 

The reflexes are built into us based on our past experiences. They are involuntary. They just are.

But once the reflex action has passed and our minds feel we aren't in immediate danger that merited such an action, we can reflect and consciously think about the reflex action and whether that needs to change. 

Some reflexes are built into our genes over thousands of generations. 

Some are purely from our own experiences during our lifetimes. 

The second category are ones more likely to be over-reactions. 

They are also the ones we can correct.

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