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The fourth quadrant

Earlier today morning, I was discussing a prioritisation methodology for my 2021 goals with my friend, Nishant. And we talked about this simple matrix that I came across on Seth's blog, that I decided to use for my own prioritisation.

I plotted each of my goals into one of the four quadrants. 

The fourth quadrant is the combination of a small positive outcome and a low chance of success.

I was surprised to see that I had two goals that fell into this quadrant. 

And I immediately ended up removing them as there isn't much point to pursuing something that has a low chance of success and can only deliver a small positive outcome.

Since then, I've started looking at a lot of things in the lens of these quadrants - apps on my phone, things that I own in my house, authors I follow, etc.

I feel I should eliminate the fourth quadrant from my life entirely, and not just from my goals.

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