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What? Why? How?

All three questions matter. 

But this is also the order in which they matter.

The answer to 'What' is the end state that we want to achieve. It's our vision of the future. It is the image that comes to mind when we think of ourselves a year from now, five years from now, twenty years from now. We need a compelling vision.

The answer to 'Why' is the clarification of the vision. It is about articulating our reasons for why the end state we defined as our goal and our future matters. It helps clarify to ourselves the reasons for seeking to achieve the goals that we seek. We need a compelling why.

Only when the what and the why are clear should we move to the how. But often, we start with the how. This is when we focus on the equipment and the memberships to a Tennis club before we start playing. This is when we worry about the mic and the distribution before we record a podcast. 

If the what and the why aren't clear, then the how doesn't matter. Because we will stop at the first sight of an obstacle. It is a compelling why that keeps us motivated on the path that a compelling what establishes. 

Focus less on the how. That comes later. Get the foundation right.

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