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Society's soundtrack

Society's soundtrack is what's playing in the background, constantly. The conversations we have, the places we visit, the apps we use, the things we do, the thoughts we think, every day, day after day.

It is the routine that we find ourselves in.

When we walk into a bakery, we immediately recognise the aroma of freshly baked bread. However, after a few minutes in the bakery, our noses acclimatise to the smell and we no longer notice it actively. 

In the same way, we acclimatise to society's soundtrack and stop noticing anything different about it after a while. 

A change of scenery, or time away in the form of a short vacation, where our routine is very different, helps us notice things that we would otherwise not notice.

It is important to plug out of society's soundtrack once in a while, just so we can come back with a fresh perspective.

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