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Patience and trust

They go hand in hand. 

In order to be patient, especially when it is hard to be patient, we need to trust in our belief and our ideas and our projections and our systems.

An investor who has invested money in the market with a long-term thesis, has to be patient through a down turn no matter how hard it is. It can be very tempting to give in and sell off before the market goes further down. Or, even on the flip side, it can be tempting to sell off and book gains on an up-turn. But if the thesis was that there would be a larger gain in the longer term, it takes trust in that thesis to stay invested.

Similarly, startup founders need to have immense trust in their vision and abilities to patiently weather tough times and come out the other side. 

People in relationships, people working for companies, people on sports teams, practically everyone on this planet has to trust in a system or a longer term vision in order to remain patient in the immediate term. 

When that trust wavers is when they lose their ability to remain patient. 

If you find yourself impatient, re-visit the system and the ecosystem and convert that into one that you trust to take you through.

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