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When I first started listening to music on Spotify, my experience prior to that was listening to music on the radio, where being forced to listen to ads every twenty or thirty minutes was a standard experience that I had been used to. 

So, even after I transitioned to listening to music on Spotify, I remained a free user for several months as the ads played once every twenty or thirty minutes by Spotify didn't feel all that disruptive to the listening experience. 

My inertia from before kept me accustomed to the experience.

However, for the past few years now, I've been a premium subscriber to Spotify, and have been used to a fully ad-free experience. 

Having moved countries, I cancelled my membership last month so that I could switch over to the plans in India once the billing period was done (this is the way to change plans by geography on both Spotify and Netflix by the way).

And the transitory period when all of a sudden I started hearing ads in between my music felt irritating and disruptive. Though it was an experience I was quite happy with once upon a time.

The inertia of what we're accustomed to plays a big part in how we perceive what comes our way. It's important to take stock of what we're accustomed to once in a while.

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