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When we're young, our understanding of the world is limited. And we marvel at every new thing we discover about how the world works. 

As we grow older, we begin to accumulate knowledge of how the world works. This knowledge need not be factually correct. It is just our mental model that we use to explain and understand the things around us. 

What most parents and schools try to do is to get kids to align their mental models with what is factually correct. 

But, however comprehensive the model, we continue to discover new things that don't fit quite as well as we would expect them to. 

When that happens, we start to file these away as exceptions. 

And if an exception happens often enough, we then take a step back and update our mental model to explain it without treating it as an exception. 

And we continue to do this all our lives.

However, we don't tend to do it with the same level of enthusiasm as we grow older. 

The world is full of marvel. All we need to keep hold of is our childish enthusiasm.

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