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Sticking to the plan

We all operate with some semblance of a plan in our heads when we approach anything. Those that achieve outsized outcomes operate with a strong plan and a strong rigour in sticking to that plan.

We find that making an effective plan is the easy part, like creating a diet to follow.

However, the hard part is in showing the strong rigour needed to stick to that plan. 

Plans are made with limited information, because nobody can look into the future and accurately predict how things outside our control will turn out. And it is the right thing to do to incorporate new information that comes our way and modify our plans accordingly.

However, not all new information that comes our way is relevant to the plan. 

A good plan also includes an understanding of vital information that can come in at a later time that can affect the direction of the plan. 

A weak rigour in sticking to the plan arises out of an inability to distinguish what new information is relevant to making a change and what isn't. 

Learning to tell that difference is a vital skill.

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