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Range of Emotions

Listening to Michael Schur talk on the Tim Ferris Show, who has been on among the writers for The Office, Brooklyn 99 and SNL, I was reminded of the nature of the range of emotions that we feel. 

He mentions how painful it was to sit through the reading of his material by the cast of SNL when it failed to elicit laughter from even a single person, when the jokes all fall flat. 

Once someone gets used to that being just another day on the job and doesn't take it too personally or starts to panic that they're doing something horribly wrong, then they don't feel on top of the world when some of their material does get a lot of laughter and even goes viral. 

Because they know that they can be back on the other side when nobody is laughing in just a week's time when their next set of material gets read.

This numbing of emotion on either side narrows down the range of emotion one feels. 

From Samurai to Zen practices to Stoicism, the consequence is to narrow down this range of emotion one feels when they learn to accept everything that comes their way with equanimity.

It has it's downsides, but the upsides trump them.

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