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Prior to the onset of Covid, I would go to the bookstore once a month and pick up 4-5 books to read over the period of a month. 

When Covid hit in March 2020, and there were lockdowns in place, I had run out of books to read, so I looked to order some online. However, the delivery time for any book was ~3 weeks while the delivery time for a new Kindle was ~1 day. 

Not in a position to wait three weeks, I decided to order a Kindle and started reading books on Kindle. 

Even after the lockdowns lifted, I continued reading on Kindle and never visited a bookstore. The capital investment and the convenience both justified it. 

However, this weekend, I happened across a bookstore and entered it on a whim and picked up five books. 

I was reminded of the browsing experience in bookstores and that they were different from browsing books online. In bookstores, unlike on a Kindle, the cover, the font and the packaging all play a significant role in enticing a reader to pick it up. 

Now, I'll likely go back to a mix of books from the store and reading on Kindle. 

This story is representative of a lot of the experiences people have had during Covid - with respect to online grocery shopping, remote work, etc. 

People have been going back to their old ways to some extent, but not fully. 

We have adopted and internalised new practices that are here to stay, though clearly not the only way we do things.

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