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Young startups experience hard situations where they may be running out of money, or don't have enough people to cover all the commitments they have made or any of the hundred other issues they may encounter as they grow and strive to establish themselves. 

During these times, the founders go back to the foundation of a purpose and a vision to stay motivated. Anyone who has worked at a startup and an established company would know that the tolerance for hardship in an average employee is much higher in a startup because they are closer to the purpose end of why they are doing what they are doing while the average employee at an established company is doing it for other reasons - like money, social status, experience.

The strength of the purpose and the vision is what determines how high the tolerance can be for hardship. Weaker the purpose, easier it is for founders and teams to crumble under pressure. 

Of course, purpose and vision aren't just for companies. It's for all of us.

Whenever you find yourself crumbling under pressure, maybe it is time to revisit the purpose and strengthen that if needed. 

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