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Relentless pursuit of the root cause

The best systems and processes are ones that are unambiguously directed towards achieving specific goals. The less ambiguity there is in what the desirable outcomes are, the more effective the system and the process.

And when the desirable outcomes aren't evident, then it is natural to identify what is missing or going wrong to not result in the desirable outcomes. 

Again, the lower the ambiguity about the desired outcome, the easier it is to identify the root cause.

Once it is identified, then it is only a matter of providing the fix. In individuals, this could mean picking up a new skill, or changing a habit.

At the core of spirituality is a relentless pursuit of the root cause, as such a pursuit will eventually shed light on the outcomes we desire and bring a lot more clarity to them, and thus help shape a firm worldview, and morals and ethics. 

If there is one behaviour to inculcate in ourselves, it is a relentless pursuit of the root cause.

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