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Not too less, not too much. 

Just right.

The entire animal kingdom has evolved to do 'just right' - how much to eat, how much to sleep, how much to rest, etc.

As the complexity grew, and the capability to consider future states started to pay off evolutionary rewards, the meaning of 'just right' started to shift.

It was no longer about what's 'just right' in the moment, but considering possible future states. This led to storing food, remembering areas with lots of fruit or prey, etc.

Today, when we can plan for not just the future states of our own lifetimes but for the possible states of future generations as well, 'just right' is stretched so far that it never reaches 'too much'. We can keep on accumulating and still feel like we're on the less side of 'just right'.

Happiness, however, lies in the sense of feeling 'adequate'.

Maybe it's time we started telling us a different story that helps us feel adequate.

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