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Destinations and Choices

 When we set out to a destination, by definition, we haven't reached it at that time. 

Along the way, we will come across several other places.

Some of these places will have some aspects that we want (which is what is taking us to the original destination), will not have some aspects that we want and will have aspects that we don't want or hadn't considered.

These places we come across might turn out better than what we had imagined should we decide to make it home. Or the idea of the destination we have in mind might continue to be more alluring. 

At each of these places, we have to make a choice. A choice to forget about the destination we set out to and end our journey here (so we can begin an altogether new journey). Or to keep passing through in search of the destination we have in mind. 

All while knowing that there is no guarantee that the destination we have in mind even exists or that we will find it, let alone find it quickly.

There's no right answer.

But there is a wrong answer though. 

And that is to make the choice to end our journey, and yet continue to wonder what it would have been like had we kept on going towards the destination we had in mind.

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