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Value for Money

I had recently been to a cafe where the price for a small and a medium cup of tea was exactly the same.

I've often been to cafes and restaurants where I've wanted to ask for a reduced portion size and tell them I'll still pay the full price. It's just that I don't want to consume more than I should nor do I want to waste food.

And I always get a baffled look when I ask for that as they wonder why someone would not take the extra food when it's free.

Whereas, I've dined with people who never let go of anything that they've paid for. If the small and medium sizes are at the same price, they would always order the medium cup as it is a higher value for money.

Value for money is an important lens to look at things with, but not at the expense of consuming more than we need / should.

(Hat-tip to Seth Godin)

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