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Eureka Moments

The first time I learnt about gravity and Newton's laws of motion, it was exhilarating. Suddenly, everything that I could observe around me neatly fit into a simple theory. As a kid, it was fun to apply the newly learnt ideas to things I had always done like catching a ball and see that it made perfect sense.

Learning about the theory of evolution was similarly exhilarating, as it was a foundational frame to explain nearly everything in the biological world.

Then there are eureka moments that are a lot more personal, like understanding, really understanding, the reasoning behind my own actions and behaviours.

These eureka moments take me down two directions.

One, the understanding helps me engineer more behaviours that I want - like building and retaining certain habits.

The other, it helps me identify what to watch out for, and when to take a step back and consciously evaluate the situation when my intuition is taking me a certain direction.

Eureka moments are rare.

But we are faced with scenarios where we can deliberately apply what we learnt in the eureka moment every single day.

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