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Once in a while, we come across something in the course of our day that lifts our spirits, lifts our mood, not just in the moment, but something that lingers into the time afterwards.

It might even continue to surface up to the top of our thoughts now and then, resurfacing the smile it brought to us initially, as we re-live the experience.

This is when something is just right. 

It can be anything from a delicious dessert to a melodious musical note to a delightful conversation.

We can't recreate such moments at will. If we could, they wouldn't bring us delight in the first place. 

When we do come across them, we ought to do our best to be mindful and experience them fully, and cherish them.

The farther we look back in our memories, the moments that stand out are these. The rest fall through the cracks and we forget about them.

These moments are magic in action.

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