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Some experiences make you squirm inside with apprehension when you think about them. This is a tension that is resolved once the experience itself is over.

Some others are only mildly amusing when you think about them. This makes us take the experience in our stride and not deviate much from our median emotion as we go through it and even once we are done. It is like having our regular breakfast in the morning.

Over the long run, we want to have more experiences of the second kind and the occasional experience of the first kind. We can't sustain the emotional rollercoaster of having too many of the first kind too often.

There are two ways to have more experiences of the second kind.

One is through apathy. This is when we don't care much about the experience and the outcome, when we are inherently disinterested.

The other way is through preparation and confidence. This is when we know we can do well while acknowledging that the consequences are of import.

Apathy is a downward spiral, while preparation and confidence is an upward spiral.

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