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Realising Your Potential

 Chelsea Football Club is in shambles this season. 

The points amassed by the team this season is the lowest in recent history and the performances have been abysmal. This, coming on top of the highest ever transfer spend bringing in a wealth of potential in terms of players.

Having potential is one thing, but realising it is a whole other.

It takes a strong vision that everyone aligns to, it takes great hunger and desire to achieve that vision, on the foundation of which the necessary hard work is put in towards getting good enough to achieve the vision.

Chelsea have lacked all three this season and need to work from the top to fix them.

Whenever you find yourself feeling like you're letting yourself down by not reaching your potential, ask yourself these.

Do you have a strong vision of what you want to achieve and why? 

Is the why compelling enough for you to take action on?

Do you know what you need to do to get there?

Without answering the earlier questions, focusing just on the latter won't get us there.

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