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If only I could get myself to stop watching so many Reels, I'd have the time to pursue my hobbies.

If only I could get away from all the emails and Slack messages, I could drastically increase the quality of my work.

If only I could delegate all my daily chores, I could find time to do more productive things every day.

The thing with distractions is that they are fungible. 

If I stop watching Reels, maybe I'll start playing a game instead.

If I didn't have a lot of email or Slack, maybe I'd complain about the excessive meetings.

If I delegate all my daily chores, maybe I'll get busy sorting my desk.

The important work, the productive work that we set out to do, is hard work. 

In fact, it is among the hardest work out there.

Anything that is easier is a potential distraction. Because we prefer to do the easy things and get them done. It gives us a sense of being engaged in the moment, even though we barely recollect what it was we were engaged in when we look back on it.

The only way around distractions is to make the hard work seem easier. 

We do this by meticulous planning and by breaking them down, and by following up diligently.

Process is the cure for distraction.

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