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From strangers to friends and family, people show us respect, kindness, generosity and love every day. 

Companies offer us the opportunity to show up and do our best work. And pay us generously for it.

Several others offer us their wares and services to help us lead more convenient days. 

And many others offer us their time and attention for the art we have to share.

We can, however, choose to see these things in a different way.

One that makes us feel entitled to them, and offends or irks us when not offered.

When we stop treating these as the gifts that they are, we develop a sense of entitlement. 

The best thing we can do is to pass on this gift to others we come across.

The next best is to acknowledge the gifts and show gratitude, even if we don't pass them on ourselves. 

And the bottom of the pile is to treat them as what the world owes us and grow entitled to them. 

Because that's when the gifts stop.

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