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Living Longer

The Science on living longer continues to progress, pushing our lifespans further up. 

The secrets to a healthier lifestyle that leads to living longer is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. 

Apart from the numerical lifespan, there is the perception of a longer life. 

Our perception of the time we spend varies depending on the richness of the memories we create.

A succession of similar activities and experiences will lead to a compression of our memories, giving us a perception of lesser time spent. 

While novel activities and experiences will lead to a richer set of memories, expanding our perception of time spent. 

This is why we remember in great detail everything that we did during our vacation a year ago, while we can't distinctly differentiate one day from another from the past month. 

While we can live longer through a healthier lifestyle, we can live longer still by creating richer memories of the things we do.

(Hat-tip to David Eagleman)

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