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All set to meet Archer at last

Lord Jeffrey Archer, the world renowned author, is set to make an appearance in Bengaluru today as part of his India tour. He will be sharing his experience of writing his latest bestseller of which over a 140,000 copies have been sold already. Since he happens to be my favourite author I decided to devote this post to him.

Jeffrey Archer has penned a number of novels, plays and short stories and I have loved reading each and every one of them. The immaculate details that he provides in his plots make you feel you are a part of it and undoubtedly that is the reason each of his books from his first 'Not a penny more, not a penny less' to his latest 'Paths of glory' have all been worldwide bestsellers.

Although I love all his works, if I had to pick only one as his best I would no doubt choose 'Kane and Abel' which is the tale of two men born at the turn of the century and who go on to be successful people influencing the course of each others' lives unknowingly and at certain times knowingly. I found it to be a very entertaining and at the same time a very inspiring book. If you closely follow the life of either of the protagonists William Kane or Abel Rosnovski, you will be amazed to see how little most people today do to realize their true potential.

For all those Archer fans in Bengaluru who are awaiting to meet their hero, I will see you at the Landmark tonight and the rest of you out there, pick up an Archer bestseller at the earliest and read it; and if you have read an Archer before but failed to appreciate it, I only have to say that each person has his own taste for books.


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