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Cold Calling

Hello reader! I realized that a lot of you out there are looking for jobs and not many are having any success given the recession. If you feel your contacts are drying up with no progress or even otherwise for that matter I suggest that you add COLD CALLING to your methods of job search.

Not many of you might be familiar with the term 'cold calling'. It means that you give a call to a company or a person whom you do not know at a personal level but you know he/she is at an influential position and might be of help in landing you that job. Of course, it almost never works the first time you do it but it will at least ensure you make new contacts and acquaintances which may help you land a job some time in the future.

I have 3 months off and I wish to do an internship but I had no contacts who could set me up an opportunity and what did I do? No, I did not just sit at home and brood over it but I tried cold calling instead and voila! I have an internship opportunity with Reliance Mutual Fund. So I suggest those of you who are waiting for a job to start cold calling today.

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