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Couple of days into my Internship

I began my internship yesterday, or so my certificate will state in a month's time for I really don't know what I have begun. My vacations began on April 22nd and for ove r a month my daily routine could have been summed up as sitting in front of my laptop doing one thing or another that it allows me to do which includes watching my favourite shows and movies of course. So I decided that I should stop idling in front of my laptop and start doing something productive. Of course I had done something productive in the last week of May and made a handsome profit of Rs 3000 on my investment of Rs 15000. Experts tell me that that is a very good return indeed given the timeframe. But I felt I could have done that even if I was involved in something else and thus came about my decision to take up an internship. But over the last couple of days, even though I have spent nearly 8 hours a day in the comfortable air conditioned office of Reliance Mutual Fund I honestly feel that I have only done what I would have done at home, i.e, browse the net. My mentor says that I will start sales soon where the real work is involved and I can't wait to do so. In fact I was so bored today that I'm blogging from the office.

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