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Disappointing Evening

I watched a play by Geleyara Balaga titled 'Ukhde Log' at the Ranga Shankara today. It is the first and the only Hindi play I have watched and I must say it was rather disappointing. Even though the cast put on their best display, the plot was too shallow and unappealing to captivate the audience. This was one of those plays where everything was good but there was no spine to hold up the whole act as the storyline was, well, not really a story. The ending made no sense and the pace of the story was rather slow as well. The evening turned out to be even more disappointing once I came out of the auditorium and noticed the poster that said ' All tickets for The Blue Mug are SOLD OUT!'. That was the pick of the month as it stars brilliant artists like Vinay Pathak and Konkana Sen Sharma, who I had no clue still performed in plays, among others. If anyone has tickets for 'The Blue Mug' and cannot make it please allow me to releive you of the tickets.

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